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Finding Your Path in Life

September 10, 2011

3 Things to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

by Connie

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What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?

How do you find your chosen path when there doesn’t seem to be one?

How will you pick the right path, when too many options appear?

When faced with these questions throughout my Life, I’ve found the best solution is to ‘Stop, Look and Listen’.

Many of us were taught to follow these words before crossing the street. This same lesson can help us as we walk our chosen paths through life, too.

What to do, what to do?

What if you’re miserable with your life, but no other options seem available?

You may feel stuck or like you’re a prisoner. You don’t want to wallow in self-pity, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere for you to go.

Say you’re at a place in your life where you don’t know what to do.

You know you aren’t happy. You know you can’t stay where you are, but you just aren’t sure where to turn. You’re filled with uncertainty.

What if there are too many options on the menu?

There are so many directions for you to head, but there are too many items from which to choose. They may all be wonderful things, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices.

You’re afraid of making the wrong decision.

You fear making the wrong move.

What should you do, then?

Step 1: Stop!

This would be a good time for you to ‘Stop’.

Stop doing what you think you should be doing.

Stop doing what others think you should be doing.

Stop the madness and get quiet.

Give yourself an adult time-out.

Think about your sanctuary, that place that fills your Soul and renews who you are, and go there.

Your sanctuary might be in a garden. It may be in the quiet of a library.

It may be on a boat, fishing on a lake somewhere. Your sanctuary might be on a basketball or tennis court.

It’s someplace different for everybody.

That’s the beauty of it.

That’s what makes it unique to you.

Your sanctuary is as special as you are.

The point is to go where your inner self, your inner knowing, is most nurtured, cared for and soothed and spend time there with yourself.

Make an appointment with you in your sanctuary. It’ll be the most important date on your calendar for the week.

Step 2: Look!

While you’re in your sanctuary, think about what will make you most happy.

Ponder what will bring you the most joy.

Contemplate what’ll make your heart sing.

What will make you happy?

Focus on your feelings of happiness.

What will elevate your spirits?

That’s what the Universe most wants for you.

The answer may instantly appear; it may not. That’s okay.

Be patient.

Just wait for it.

Clues will appear if you’re open to them.

You’ll see signs if you keep your peepers peeled.

There will be hits of recognition. Pay attention to these.

That’s how you’ll know…they’ll be there to guide you.

Don’t focus on the ‘how’.

You don’t need to focus on or worry about that.

The Universe takes care of the ‘how’.

Think of it as being one less thing for you to be concerned with, right?

It’s not a problem to be solved; it’s just a natural progression of you following your inner truth.

This is a process of connecting you to your truth or desire.

Step 3: Listen!

You don’t need to put a lot of effort into it. Part of this process is you allowing this connection to take place.

The Universe is making this happen on some level, anyway.

There’s a lot of energy and support for you to do what you want to do.

Your growth will happen more quickly and be more joyful for you, the sooner you learn to relax into it.

Think back to when you learned how to float on water. Someone fed you instructions on how to do it and what you needed to remember to float successfully. Their arms were probably supporting your body, just under the surface of the water.

You were trying to listen and remember and implement all those tips. You were stiff as a board and sank towards their arms, over and over.

It wasn’t until you loosened up your body and relaxed into the water that you could float.

When you became one with the water, you were successful. Suddenly you were lighter than the water, suspended on top of its surface, light as a feather.

It’s exactly the same process when you feel you don’t know which way to go, where to turn or what to do with your Life.

The Universe is there to surround and support you while you relax into things.

Remember, this is not a problem to be solved.

So, allow yourself to have fun with it.

Letting Go to Receive

The times when you’re feeling overwhelmed by Life don’t have to be stressful. All it takes is a little re-framing on your part.

It’s an exciting time, really.

You’re at a crossroads.

Think of this as your growing season.

  • Think of this as a joyful time of endless possibilities.
  • Think of this as a time of change, rebirth or renewal.
  • Think of this as a period of expanding who you are in your Life and in the world.

If you’re holding on so tightly to the things you currently have, your hands can’t be open to receive all the new, wonderful things coming your way.

You’re actively making choices using the ‘Stop, Look and Listen!’ process by being passive; by calming down and settling into you.

Being active by being passive may seem incongruous, but it’s not.

Look around, you’ll see it all around you in Nature.

It’s found in the yin and yang of the Universe, the ebb and flow of the tides, the sunrise and sunset of each day.

Have Fun with It

This unfolding process can be enjoyable, too, if you allow it to be.

There’s a playful component to this.

Ask yourself, ‘What’s going to be fun? What’ll be fun for me, in an absorbing kind of way?’

Just notice what gives you a little charge, a hit.

Pay attention to what excites you. Be aware.

This isn’t a drastic departure for you, it’s a deepening.

It’s a time for you to rediscover you.

Your happiness and having fun are at the heart of your truth.

Those are two things the Universe most wants to offer you.

The Universe will wait while you ‘Stop, Look & Listen’.

Then just open your hands to receive all the wonderful and wonder-filled opportunities coming your way!

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